The Purpose of Angels

What is the purpose of angels? Do angels exist?

I was raised in a religion that told us that every baby that is born, has a guardian angel assigned to it.

Over the years this kind of teaching faded from memory, and I didn't really think about angels until usually Christmas time, and didn't have any notion of what the value of having an angel assigned to me for my entire life was.

What they don't tell you is the purpose of this guardian angel. Is it to keep you from harm?

From my experience, I would say, yes. I find it amazing that I am still alive after some close calls in my life. But sometimes things happen and you wonder where this guardian angel is at!

Purpose of a Guardian Angel

But protecting you is not the only purpose of a guardian angel, and yes, I do believe every has one. The first purpose of a guardian angel is to arrange things so that in some way you are informed of Jesus and how to be born again. Whether it takes them pushing you on the street to meet someone, leading you to a church, or making it so that a born again Christian comes across your path to witness to you, etc. The reason for this is because your spirit man, inside of you, needs to be awakened.

If you have not received Jesus as Lord of your life, and given control of your life to Jesus, then your spirit man is still dead. Once you have received Jesus, you become alive, like a new born baby. The heavenly Father becomes a reality in your life, and is a part of your life like never before. You depend entirely upon Him to straighten out all your messes. See the Born again FAQ

Secret Agents

Back to the angels. Angels are like secret agents working in our behalf. God's angels move in response to His Word being spoken, words coming from our lips. They are "working" angels, they don't just follow you around because they have nothing else to do. They follow you around waiting for you "to tell them what to do." But things they do can only be done from a spiritual perspective. Like, they're not going to move your furniture for you.

Put Your Angel to Work

Here's an example of how to put your angel to work. Suppose you are having trouble with your finances. You need money to pay a bill that popped up. First you pray to the Father for the extra income to pay this bill (ask and you shall receive) but, you have to release the angels to "go, and cause it to come." Do you do that? I'll bet you didn't know that! Maybe you are praying for a soldier overseas? Release the angels to go protect them! Sending your children off to school? Send the angels with them! Are you believing God for money for a mission trip? Send the the angels to go and cause the money to come. Also see Faith Confessions

Warrior Angels

The more you "dive" into the Word of God, the more you will see the value of angels. They do your spiritual fighting for you. Are you afraid to go witnessing? A child of God that heads into the the mission field to witness, say even door to door, gets assigned a special angel. They get assigned a "warrior" angel.

I've been on the mission field and have not actually seen these warrior angels, but once I actually felt their presence. I don't want to say I saw a ghost, but in the spirit realm, I did see my own warrior angel. And let me tell you, they're not like those cute little angels they have a Christmas, they are huge and they are powerful! When you are fighting principalities and powers, you need these warrior angels to fight for you and protect you.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, the angels do exist and they are here for you. They are waiting "on you" to tell them what to do. Do you have to be a born again spirit filled person for the angels to work for you? Possibly, otherwise, why would their first purpose, when it comes to you, be to lead you to Christ? How else would you believe? Want to be born again? Take the Spiritual Questionaire first