Reasons Why You Don't Pray

You May Feel No Need To Pray

Perhaps you are self-sufficient, multitalented and have become an excellent manager of your time. God fits into your well organized schedule on Sundays as you go to church and also at the moment that any of life's crises may come upon you. However all these great talents and worldly management skills will ultimately have limited ability without a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus.

You May Have No Time To Pray

Your time is God given, as well as every breath that you take. It is in God's hands. Time should be tithed just as your money. If you take time to talk to your Father, He will literally multiply your time back to you. He will set your daily priorities and give you back more time than you can possibly imagine. It's a time honored miracle! IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY TO PRAY - YOU ARE TOO BUSY!

You Don't Want To Get Up Early

Many Christians reject the idea of early morning prayer. Comments are frequent that "it's too hard." We all agree it's very convenient to the flesh, but the Spirit soars to new heights. It doesn't come easy, it takes commitment and dedication. The rewards are worth the effort!

You May Not Know How To Pray

That's okay. Just hang out with those who do. You'll soon learn that it's nothing more than carrying on a conversation with your closest friend.

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