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These Christian song lyrics and poems were written when I began my walk with the Lord.

They are some great praise and worship songs too.

Also see the songs that are already in the Scriptures on the Songs in Scripture page.

Christian Song Lyrics
Poems for Praise and Worship

Praise Be To You, Jesus!

I Just Want To Love You

When Jesus Came Inside

He Whispered This To Me

Pray Pray All Your Troubles Away


Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Outside The World Looking In

Talk To Me, Lord

I'm Not Worried

Washed by Blood Of The Lamb

Shout It From The Housetops!

Go Ye Into All The World

I'm Keeping My Eyes On Jesus

Don't Let The Devil Get You Down

Is There A Soft Spot In Your Heart For Jesus?

Jesus Died on the Cross For Me

I'm the Head and Not the Tail

The Sabbath - Poem

I Believe In Jesus - Poem


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